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  • The world around us is changing rapidly, often for the better, but not always. There is a lot of attention for animal welfare and the environment, but the steps we take as a society, if you ask us, do not always go in the right direction. So we have to do our bit ourselves. In how we behave privately, but also in how we make our food products and how we put them together.

    We not only make tasty Thai ready-made products, but we also want to do that in a responsible way. We do our best, but is that enough?

    In order to find out, we have now engaged an independent outsider, who tests it and certifies it. So you'll increasingly find the Vegan Society's Vegan Trademark on our products, starting with the new instant noodle soups.

    The Vegan Trademark of The Vegan Society (which exists since 1944!) is the leading standard for authentic vegan products. The Vegan Trademark is used worldwide and has now been awarded to 40 thousand articles. The trademark is registered in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Norway, Poland and Thailand.

    The Vegan Society checks the recipe, whether there are animal products in your articles, but also whether animals are used in the production process. It goes quite far. For example, we were asked whether we use sieves made from animal bones in the processing of our organic cane sugar. The quality mark doesn't want that. (The answer is no).

    The Vegan Trademark is already on our instant noodle soups. We are going to expand this steadily. In the near future, all of our articles will be certified by this vegan quality mark, with the exception of fish sauce and oyster sauce (but as you may know, in Thailand we work closely with non-profit organizations that help us select responsible nurseries).

    We do what we can. It won't change the world, but if everyone does a little, we'll make a difference in the end.

onoff spices

ONOFF SPICES makes natural and organic ready-to-use Thai soups, curry pastes and wok sauces for European gourmets. The production is sustainable, with an eye for nature.

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