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Thai food was love at first sight for Onno Stienen. Onno, founder and owner of ONOFF SPICES, which exports organic products from Thailand to the Netherlands and other European countries, had very different plans. Since he was a boy, he wanted to know everything about computers and went to a Higher Technical Institution to lay the foundation for this. A part-time job in a café aroused his interest in food. He obtained a cooking certificate and this gave him a really good taste. At a private cooking course in Thailand, Onno learned the tricks of the trade from a Thai chef. Back in the Netherlands, he worked in IT and showed people what Thai food should taste like, but because he noticed it’s not easy to get authentic Thai products in the Netherlands, ONOFF SPICES was the next logical step for him.

ONOFF SPICES makes natural and organic ready-to-serve Thai soups, curry pastes and stir-fry sauces for European connoisseurs. The production is sustainable, with consideration for nature. And social, with attention to the working conditions and income of the farmers in Isan, north-east Thailand, who grow peppers, kaffir lime leaves, garlic, coriander and more for ONOFF SPICES. These agricultural products contain no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. ONOFF SPICES does not compromise on flavor; it is genuinely Thai. And genuinely tasty. All soups, curries and stir-fry sauces are formulated in such a way that anyone can prepare a Thai dish in no time.

About us

Onno Stienen - Owner of ONOFF SPICES

The majority of the products of ONOFF SPICES are produced organically and comply to all European standard for organic food ingredients. At least 95% of our ingredients are sourced from organic farming. On our fields pesticides have never been used, even not before we started with organic production. Only natural means and products are used when working our fields.

For ONOFF SPICES Corporate Social Responsibility is our primary target. This comprises every decision to be made in the interest of people, planet and profit as a central focus, starting at what our farmers grow to the end result on your plate. When it comes to social conditions for our Thai farmers and factory personnel our stakes are high. We warrant human rights, fair working conditions, and keeping families together.

Onno Stienen stipulates:

“It’s not just only that we do not compromise on taste and quality of our products, we also do not concede to paying less than fair wages, neither to fair terms and conditions for our farmers and factory workers in Thailand. We strive towards better living conditions for our Thai workforce.”


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Superior organic convenience products.

A fast growing Dutch company in Thailand which produces top quality 100% natural and organic Thai convenience products for the preparation of authentic Thai curries, soups and stir fried dishes.


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   +31 103073250

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