Thai cuisine: popular and healthy...

The Thai art of cooking combines the very best of Chinese and Indian culinary traditions.
Their cuisine is very diverse and makes good use of numerous ingredients, herbs and spices.

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Extremely diverse and rich in variation

Thai cuisine is extremely diverse and is world famous for being exquisite and healthy.

A peek through the kitchen doors.

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    When you look at a menu in Thailand, the rich variety of dishes will strike you immediately. The most famous are: Tom Yam Soup; a spicy and sour soup, usually prepared with shrimps. Tom Kha Soup; a soup enhanced with some coconut cream, often prepared with chicken meat. Massaman curry; a (usually) non-spicy curry containing various herbs. Som Tam; a salad made of green papaya. And last but not least Pad Thai; fried medium sized rice noodles with bean sprouts and shrimps and some other ingredients.

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    Diversity in taste

    Often Thai cuisine is thought of as hot and spicy. This is only partly true. Its great diversity of flavours and ingredients rightly explains why Thai cooking is so popular. Sweet, sour, salty, spicy and sometimes even bitter, everyone will find what suits them best. Thai cuisine with its wealth of flavours and aromas became so diverse as a result of influences from all its neighbour countries. Soya beans for example and (rice) noodles originated from China. India gave it its curries prepared without coconut cream while the coconut cream based curries came from Sumatra and Cambodia.

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    Rice is the basis.

    Thai cooking starts with rice. Rice is abundant and about, in all sorts and grades and just any imaginable preparation; steamed, fried, boiled as a soup, sticky rice, or processed into noodles. Rice is part of a dish or served separate. Almost all ingredients of the recipes are fresh. Cooking oil is used sparsely and the dishes are prepared in just a few minutes on high heat. All this is the reason why Thai cuisine is considered to be a healthy cuisine.

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    Vegetarian Thai cuisine

    While many Thai dishes are prepared with chicken or duck meat, pork, beef, fish, shrimps and other fruits de mer such as shellfish, Thai cuisine also accommodates vegetarians to a great extent. The composition of the dishes and the way they are prepared makes leaving out or replacing ingredients unsuitable for vegetarians a breeze. onoff spices!’ curry pastes, soups, wok sauces and stir-fry mixes do not contain fish or oyster sauce. Vegetarians and veganists will be very pleased to know this. And if you cannot live without fish and oyster sauce, well then you simply add them. Two of our sambals (red chilli pastes) are particularly fit for consumption by vegetarians.

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