Why the Thai sometimes call their food Mama.

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  • Mama instant noodles are not on many lists of favorite Thai dishes, but many Thai devour them. Why do Thai people, with their rich food culture, kneel down to instant noodles whose flavor consists mainly of salt and pepper? For starters, they are easy to prepare. Add boiling water, let it stand for a while and eat.

    On the other hand, many poor Thai have nothing to choose from and eat instant noodles because they are very cheap. You already have a portion for 6 baht, about 15 cents. They are sold on the street, with some meat, vegetables or shrimps added. In the supermarkets you will also find rows full of instant noodles. Thai always have a cup of dried noodles in a kitchen cupboard somewhere, you'll get hungry!

    The brand Mama exists since the 70's and is the most popular of all instant noodles. It has become such a concept that Thai people have started to call all instant noodles just Mama. So instead of Pad Thai you can order Pad Mama at many streets. And success tastes like more, so now you can also buy Mamy, Pama and Papa noodles.

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