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  • Are you crazy about coconut? You're not the only one. Who doesn't know Tom Kha Gai, the world-famous Thai chicken soup? Coconut is very popular in Thailand. It gives a unique taste and softens the spicy side of dishes. You make it with coconut milk, or even better, coconut cream.

    They are both made from the white flesh of the coconut, by first grating it, then mixing it with water and then sieving it. Coconut cream contains more natural fats and less water. You can make your own coconut cream from coconut milk, but why would you do that if there is already a tasty organic ready-to-use coconut cream, from ONOFF SPICES of course.

    In addition, coconut cream contains many vitamins (C, E and B), antioxidants and minerals (magnesium for strong bones). In Thailand coconut cream is mainly used to make curries and soup. Thai Green Curry, Massaman Curry, just a few. On our website you will find a recipe for making organic Thai Khao Soi soup.

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    ONOFF SPICES makes natural and organic ready-to-use Thai soups, curry pastes and wok sauces for European gourmets. The production is sustainable, with an eye for nature.

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