We have been stirring, tasting and tasting in our pans for quite a while. But now they are here: Organic Instant Thai Rice Noodles, the new organic instant noodle soups from ONOFF. And as you would expect from us: 100% natural.

The brand new energy booster from Thailand is made with thin brown rice noodles and has the real Thai flavours Green Curry, Tom Yum, Yellow Curry and Tom Kha. Onno Stienen, founder and owner of ONOFF talks to us about the new noodle soup, which is in shops now.


"We are quite proud of our Organic Instant Thai Rice Noodles," says Onno. "This is probably the most labour-intensive and difficult product we have made so far. It really had to be a contemporary soup: with strong characteristic flavours, really Thai too. Thai people have to like them, you know? We do not compromise on Thai taste, that is important to us. Furthermore, the soup has to be nutritious, but also easy and quick to prepare. And just as important, and maybe most of all, the soups are organic, vegan, and gluten- and lactose-free."


"We spent at least two years developing this noodle soup. With the flavours, but also with the choice of noodles. Should they be thick noodles or thin ones? And how are we going to package it? In the end, we just tried it out and let people taste it. Thai people around here, which I sometimes jokingly call our Thai test panel, but also visitors to various trade fairs in Thailand and Europe. Based on our experiences with this, we eventually arrived at these four popular Thai flavours and chose the thin brown rice noodles."


"We serve these soups in a sturdy bamboo cup with the FSC quality mark. The FSC label from the Forest Stewardship Council indicates that the wood comes from a forest that has been independently assessed as a well-managed forest, according to standards for sustainability, social conditions and economy. The cup is resealable as well as compostable. No plastic was used for the coating of the cup, but polylactic acid, a natural coating of corn starch."


"The instant noodles are really Thai, but still vegan. That's possible. The Thai have an extensive cuisine with many flavours. They ask if you want your dish with chicken or pork, for example. But they make it just as easy without meat, it doesn't really affect the taste. Fortunately, you can't just call your product vegan. Our soups have the approval of the Vegan Trademark. This is issued by the Vegan Society, which has existed for almost 80 years.

"The Vegan Trademark is the leading standard for authentic vegan products, is used worldwide and is registered in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Norway, Poland and Thailand."


"Organic Instant Thai Rice Noodles from ONOFF are now on sale. If you cannot find them in your regular shop, please ask for them. And of course they can also be ordered online. Enjoy your meal!"

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