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  • The Thai are lucky. In their country everything a human being needs is growing: rice, coffee and tea, unprecedented varieties of vegetables and the most strange and colourful kinds of fruit. Mango, banana, papaya, watermelon or pineapple, you know them. But have you ever tasted jackfruit, rambutan, custard apple, durian, dragon fruit, mangosteen or rose apple?

    Fruit is sold all over the streets. It usually costs you a few quarters. Fresh pineapple or mango (do you want sour or sweet?), rose apple (or any other fruit of the season) is -if necessary- peeled on the spot and cut into bite-sized pieces for you. Hup, in a bag and a stick to prick it out. For more acidic fruits you often get a bag with a mixture of salt and chili powder.

    Others prefer a sweet fish sauce with unripe mango and we also know Thai who like a dry mixture of fish, onions and sugar with their watermelon. Thai people like it when the flavours fight with each other on the palate for priority and prefer to set them on fire.

    Fruit is mainly eaten by Thai as a snack. As lunch, as dessert after dinner, or just in between. Fortunately, fruit is also perfectly incorporated in Thai dishes. Take sticky rice with mango, without a doubt Thailand's most acclaimed sweet delicacy. And how about fresh pineapple in a chicken sweet and sour stir-fry dish? Feast!

  • onoff spices

    ONOFF SPICES makes natural and organic ready-to-use Thai soups, curry pastes and wok sauces for European gourmets. The production is sustainable, with an eye for nature.

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