10 tips to get rid of unhealthy eating.

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  • 1-Eat enough protein.
    Eating a lot of protein makes you feel full. Healthy proteins can be found in fish, roast beef, nuts, vegetables, brown beans and... egg. People who eat a high-protein breakfast are generally less likely to feel like a snack.

    2-Candy healthy.
    If you feel like a snack, a four-hour snack, take fruit. Fruit contains sugar, lots of vitamins, antioxidants, water and fiber. Your body uses the fibers to break down the sugar from the fruit. Fancy some sweet? Have a mango or a piece of watermelon.

    3-Plan your meals.
    Think about what you're going to eat in the morning. If you prepare your food in advance, make sure the proportions are right (and not too big); prepare an orange or banana if you get a nice appetite. This of course starts with shopping. Don't go out on the market feeling hungry. Don't buy too much, buy what you need. If you don't have it, don't nibble it up.

    4-Break your routine.
    If you eat chips regularly when you're watching TV, there's a good chance you'll automatically feel like chips when you're watching TV. Your body stimulates these routines. Break them by changing your routines or at least being aware of them. Either way, conscious eating makes you eat less. When you eat in front of the TV, you keep on spooning. Did you know that people who snack with their non-dominant hand can eat less? It's less automatic.

    5-Buy fresh.
    However your food is, the better it is. Look how many ingredients are on the package. If there are too many or you can't pronounce some descriptions, the more chance you have of eating additives you don't want. Stay close to nature. Cooking your own food is a good way to avoid bad ingredients.

    6-Fat is not bad.
    Your body needs fats. Not all fats are bad, but avoid trans fats. With a handful of nuts, oily fish or an avocado there is nothing wrong, on the contrary, they contain very good fats.

    7-zero percent fat.
    If there is 0% fat on a label, it often means a lot of sugar. Sugar is bad for your blood sugar level, it goes up and quickly makes you feel hungry again.

    8-Not good food.
    It's better to look at healthy food with a positive view than with a negative one at bad food. Those who are only concerned with what is not allowed, have it a lot harder than people who make healthy food a good goal.

    9-From postponement comes adjustment.
    If you feel like snacking, promise yourself that you can, but not yet. A trick that really works. Of procrastination often comes adjustment. Or brush your teeth, the fresh taste of toothpaste pushes your appetite away.

    10-Drink water.
    Hunger is like thirst. Maybe your body doesn't need food, but water. Drink a glass of water first, your hunger pangs may disappear immediately. People who drink a glass of water before a meal also eat less.

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